RNB3000 series frequency inverter increases production efficiency for customers with compact structure powerful functions and convenient operation.

Newest space vector technology

Excellent vector algorithm guarantees the big torque for low frequency in premise of lowest switch loss. High efficiency power voltage availability and optimized sine wave output will reduce its working noise and heat of motor.

Unique software dead-zone compensation

Dead-zone time is the cause of low frequency pulsation torque. RNB3000 unique software dead-zone compensation guarantees stable torque characteristics with low frequency and extremely low speed.

Excellent speed tracking self-starting without speed sensor

Start the running motor to guarantee the user’s equipment to keep stable running. RNB3000 can automatically recognize the speed to realize stable speed tracking.

Automatic energy saving running

Unique software power factor regulation which will regulate the power factor dynamically according to the change of load so as to save much energy.

Voltage fluctuation control

Automatic voltage control could guarantee the output voltage vibration is within ±5% when the input voltage vibration is within ±20%

Complete protection function

Overvoltage, overcurrent, undervoltage, IGBT short-circuit, inverse time limit overload protecting design. And it also requests necessary grounding to realize safe protection.

DC power supply

Save the power supply investment.

Built-in flexible PWM energy consumption braking.

The user selects the suitable braking resistor to realize energy consumption braking conveniently..

Friendly HMI and flexible input&output interface port

LCD Chinese-English display, supply 8 routines digital input, 2 routines analog input.
3 routines digital output, 2 routines analog output and multi-speed programmable running. Potential meter setting mode

Intelligent temperature detection

Intelligent fan management

Download the RNB3000 technical catelog in PDF.